I'm not Sleepy and there is no Place I'm going to

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


What Made Me Smile Today...

Ah wish this was the bed I was sleeping in, I still feel pretty outta-wac from the plane. Its quite confusing to be so excited about exploring a new place yet home sick at the same time.

Only my second day of classes and I'm already drained. Cant figure out Italian etiquette, my teachers are all le-petite women who wear short shirts that show off their mid drift, they are so tiny yet they eat candy all day. I cant get my head around it, they also answer/text their phones during lecture and come late to class. I figured it was okay for me to snack on a plum while sticking my feet up on the desk in front of me.

what have I learned so far? "Prendo un Croissant di Chocolate." Fin

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  1. oooo you're blog is really coming together! i looove it!! soso cute. and yes, maybe i will just have to send that letter... yikes!



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